Family-unit Interventions

Are you having a hard time at home?

Sometimes a visit from one of our team can have a really profound affect on a family. We come to visit the family, which ideally includes all the members, discuss difficulties and chair a joint problem-solving family meeting. This then generates a plan and the family are left to implement the plan with a follow-up visit a few weeks later.

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Advice for parents

Do you need the advice of a psychologist or therapist on family matters or child management?

We have a team of experts who can visit you and your family at home. We start by listening to all the views of all members of the family and then we chair a family meeting which helps to produce ‘The Plan’. We then leave you with this plan, and are available for consultations in the coming weeks. We will then visit you, usually after 6 weeks, to see how you are getting on.


We also offer telephone or email advice to parents on most matters.