Children in Care

Children in Care (CIC), Looked After Children (LAC) or Adopted Children

We undertake assessments for Social Services departments on children and young people who are in care or looked after.

These assessments can form the basis of court reports or can offer advice and support to foster carers, parents and social workers.

We offer support for children who are, have been or are about to be taken into care or ‘Looked After’. We have many years’ experience of dealing with children who have had a disrupted home life and who would benefit from advice and input from a qualified Psychologist.

We are used to dealing with different Attachment Disorders and can give practical and constructive advice and support to parents and carers.


Adopted Children

We know that many adopted children show attachment type difficulties. We can provide adoptive parents with advice and support to help their adopted children to reach their potential and achieve mental stability.