Cognitive Assessments

What is a Cognitive Assessment?

A cognitive assessment is a test which is used to understand an individual’s overall intellectual ability and should result in an Intelligence Quota (I.Q). For adults our Psychologists mostly use a Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) or the Adaptive Behaviour Assessment System (ABAS).

What is a cognitive assessment for a child?

This involves the child sitting down with one of our Psychologists for a couple of hours to complete a series of cognitive ability tests.

There is no need to prepare the child for these tests, and no need to worry; we aim to minimise any anxiety you or the child may have.

Our Psychologists are used to this and will work to put everyone at ease.

The tests will involve completing some puzzles and possibly some questions. We may also ask the child to do some writing and reading if appropriate. This allows us to match their cognitive ability with their ability to read and write – this is known professionally as ‘achievements’. Altogether, these activities normally take a couple of hours.

At the end of the cognitive assessment we will produce a report which details the child’s cognitive profile and makes recommendations as to how they can best be supported to improve their cognitive abilities.

If you or your child are particularly anxious don’t worry, we are used to this and will be able to put you at ease.