Pre-school Settings

We offer a bespoke service to Pre-School Settings that can be child focused, group focused, or we can offer training to the whole setting on specific topics. You might also suggest to parents that they contact us directly for one-to-one interventions in the home; or if a parent is just worried about their child’s future and would like to discuss it with a Psychologist we can offer advice, assessment, observations or testing for specific difficulties.


The services we offer Pre-School Settings are;

  •  Cognitive assessment
  •  Assessment via observation and our experience
  •  One-to-one interventions
  •  Discussion and support with staff
  •  Discussion and support with parents
  •  Facilitation of difficult meetings
  •  Advice on psychological aspects of an organisation
  •  Court and tribunal work
  •  Work with children with unusual diagnoses


Do make contact with us, either by email or phone and we can discuss how we can best meet your needs.