Further/Higher Education & Universities

Many students experience a range of difficulties throughout their schooling which do not magically disappear when they enter Further/Higher Education. We appreciate that there is little psychological support for students with difficulties once they reach 16.

Therefore, we pride ourselves on having experience and knowledge of the Further and Higher Education systems and how students with additional needs can reach their potential.

We offer :

  • Disabled Students Allowance Assessment (DSA)
  • Access arrangements – JCQ Form 8 (often called a JCQ8 or JCQ*8)
  • Support and intervention whilst students are in Further Education
  • Assessment for Specific Difficulties
  • Standard Cognitive Assessments
  • One-to-one bespoke interventions
  • Assessment reports for access to additional resources on entrance to University
  • Assessments for students already in University
  • Assessments for mature students